Siweizhilian, Jiangcheng, and BOE jointly launched AR-HUD navigation

(The following content comes from the public account - Siweizhilian)

On September 17, at the "New Zhiyuan" 2019 NavInfo New User Conference, NavInfo, Jiangcheng, and BOE jointly launched AR-HUD navigation products, and a real car equipped with the system was arranged at the conference site, attracting Many car factory customers have visited and experienced.

As early as the NavInfo New User Conference in 2018, NavInfo released AR navigation products, and in September 2019, the front-loaded mass production was realized on the FAW Bestune. With the maturity of AR technology and the reduction of cost, AR navigation, a product that was only carried on concept models in the past, finally ushered in the spring of mass production. In just one year, almost all car manufacturers have begun to lay out the mass production schedule of AR navigation models.

The AR-HUD product released this time is different from the previous AR navigation. At present, the mass-produced AR navigation on the market all run on the central control screen or the instrument LCD screen. Although the problem of complex scene guidance has been solved, it is often necessary to look down to view the navigation. The driving experience still needs to be improved, so AR-HUD products came into being. At present, almost all domestic HUD manufacturers are deploying AR-HUD products, but very few of them can achieve product landing. Most manufacturers can only provide bench display, and the effect of real vehicles is generally poor, making it difficult to meet the needs of car manufacturers. Siwei Zhilian, together with Jiangcheng and BOE, gave full play to the advantages of each company in terms of technology, successfully realized the implementation of AR-HUD products, and completed the conditions for the front-loading mass production of the car factory. Jiangcheng is a company specializing in the design and research and development of automotive head-up display equipment. It brings together senior personnel in various fields such as optics, structure, hardware and software. The entire team is also one of the first to enter the HUD field.

In addition, for the issue of HUD brightness that the industry is generally concerned about, 4D Zhilian's AR-HUD products use light adaptive technology, which can automatically adapt the brightness according to the difference in light during the day and night, ensuring that the driver can see at any time during the driving process. image to avoid security issues. At the same time, the system also has the ability to adjust the projection area according to the different heights of the car owners to meet the experience requirements of car owners of different heights. This set of AR-HUD solutions has a field of view angle of 11°x4°, and an imaging distance of more than 9 meters. In the future, products with larger viewing angles and imaging distances will be launched. For the front-mounted AR-HUD manufacturers, in addition to solving the problems of projection ghosting and distortion, another inevitable problem is how to install this large equipment in the limited space of the body. In short, due to the limited space for installation Due to the constraints brought by AR-HUD, AR-HUD manufacturers must control the volume of the product in a small range as much as possible. At present, the minimum volume of Jiangcheng AR-HUD can be controlled at about 7.5 liters, which is already in a leading position.

AR-HUD products paint us a desirable future travel scene, and at the same time attract a large number of companies to enter this field, but if they want to stand out and occupy a place in this large market, optical technology has become a front for them primary problem. Jiangcheng has accumulated many years of optical design. The optical path design for the curved windshield can ensure that the AR-HUD projected picture is clear, stable and vivid. However, HUD manufacturers generally have poor navigation application ability. The smooth introduction of AR-HUD, how to accurately match the virtual image and the real image, has almost become a bottleneck in the industry. 4D Zhilian has rich experience in vehicle navigation. The powerful combination of 4D Zhilian, Jiangcheng and BOE has successfully realized AR. -The HUD product has been launched, and the product can run in various road conditions. At the same time, many car manufacturers are docking the product. In the future, more and more players will enter the field of AR-HUD. There is no doubt that as the first batch of enterprises that dare to try early adopters, 4D Zhilian AR-HUD products have already taken the lead in the industry.

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