Jiang Cheng was invited to attend the 4th Vehicle Head-Up Display HUD Summit Forum

(The following content comes from Huiyue Hong Kong Stock)

On July 15, 2022, the 4th Vehicle Head-Up Display HUD Summit Forum in 2022 was held in Shenzhen. Hefei Jiangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangcheng"), a subsidiary of BOE Precision Electronics, was invited to attend this forum. Lin Rongchun, product director of Cheng Cheng, delivered a keynote speech on the development route of AR-HUD technology, introduced the latest achievements and future plans of Cheng Cheng in the field of HUD, and discussed the hot topics of intelligent cockpit and HUD with the experts present.

Driven by the wave of intelligent electrification in the automotive industry, HUD ushered in rapid growth. Relevant statistics show that the loading rate of HUDs in 2020 is only 4%, and by the end of 2021, this figure will reach 6.8%. As an important display window for smart cars, HUDs are increasingly recognized by car manufacturers and consumers for their practicality, safety, and human-computer interaction experience. At the same time, with the intelligent transformation of automobiles and the cost effect brought by mass production, the demand for HUD is increasing, and its advantages are also valued by more and more manufacturers. The configured products are also penetrating from high-end cars to the low-end market. Yiou think tank predicts that with the rapid development of vehicle intelligence, the HUD installation rate will achieve rapid growth, the installation rate will reach 45% in 2025, and the compound growth rate will reach 71% in 2019-2025. As a higher-level HUD, AR-HUD uses the front windshield as a projection medium to reflect and image, and projects the functional display information directly on the road from the driver's field of view, so that the display information can be better integrated with the traffic conditions. AR-HUD can be displayed in combination with navigation and actual road conditions, which is more vivid and lifelike than W-HUD, bringing a more immersive interactive experience to the driver.

At this conference, Lin Rongchun shared the future technical development plan of AR-HUD with the present industry partners based on the existing business of Jiangcheng, and also shared the AR-HUD that Jiangcheng has been advancing from the past to the present and in line with the needs of car manufacturers. system solution. Based on his deep understanding of the AR-HUD industry and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with various car manufacturers, Lin Rongchun showed the public the development process of AR-HUD in the era of rapid development of vehicle technology.

As a subsidiary of BOE Jingdian, Jiangcheng has been working silently in the AR-HUD field for many years, and has achieved real mass production in multiple product lines such as AR-HUD, electronic exterior mirrors and display assemblies. To meet the standard requirements, Jiangcheng has built a series of product landing capabilities from R&D to production and supply. In the future, BOE Jingdian will continue to create a new ecosystem of smart travel, promote product innovation in the field of in-vehicle display and interaction, provide one-stop products and services for the intelligent upgrade of cars, and bring people a more convenient and comfortable travel experience.

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