Beiqi Rubik's Cube was launched, equipped with Hongmeng cockpit + 60-inch AR head-up display, fuel vehicles can also be fun

(The following content comes from the Qichang Automobile APP)

In the past, only the new car-making forces were fun, and they had smart driving + smart cockpit. However, this situation was broken. On July 28, the first fuel vehicle equipped with Hongmeng cockpit - Beiqi Rubik's Cube was launched.

The biggest highlight of BAIC Rubik's Cube is the Hongmeng Smart Cockpit. It provides a 14.6-inch Huawei Hongmeng screen, which is deeply integrated with many functions in the cockpit. It can control air conditioning, multimedia, navigation, seat ventilation, heating, main and auxiliary partitions, control windows, sunroofs, etc. by voice. When the screen is used by touch, the experience is close to that of a Huawei tablet (it uses Kirin 990A chip, compared to Qualcomm 8155), with high definition, fast response, fast network, rich functions and high expectations for subsequent OTA.

Before coming into contact with Beiqi Rubik's Cube, I just experienced the M5 for five days. Its screen is also equipped with the Hongmeng system, except that the home page interface UI is somewhat different, but other aspects are very similar. A few days ago, I also said that the screen of the Wenjie M5 is the best one I have ever used, and now BAIC Rubik's Cube has also joined it.

The official introduction of BAIC Rubik's Cube has five-screen linkage, in fact, it has six screens. There are two left and right electronic rear-view mirrors, a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, a 14.6-inch Hongmeng central control screen, a 60-inch AR HUD projection, and a small screen for quick operation by the co-pilot.

According to the test drive commissioner, the two 7-inch electronic rearview mirrors also have the function of automatically flipping down when reversing. In addition, they also have automatic adjustment functions such as automatic magnification of the field of view and automatic anti-dazzle. In a highly dark environment where the traditional rearview mirror is completely dark, the screen of the electronic rearview mirror can be seen clearly, and the safety is higher. In the other two scenarios, the electronic rearview mirror can greatly improve the safety. First, in rainy and snowy weather, the front side windows are prone to fog and raindrops, so that the driver's line of sight cannot reach the rearview mirror (the mirror has The heating function is useless at all), the electronic rearview mirror completely solves this problem; the second is to deal with the rear high beam, because its photosensitive area is only as large as that of the camera, and has automatic anti-dazzle function, it is less disturbed by high beam much more. Even if there is no automatic anti-dazzle function, the camera cannot be clearly displayed by the rear high beam, and the driver does not need to look at the rearview mirror. It is also much better than the harsh glare reflected from traditional rear-view mirrors. However, according to regulatory requirements, electronic rear-view mirrors cannot be installed on the road yet, and it is reported that the policy will be opened in January 2023. If you buy a car next year, I strongly recommend choosing the version with electronic rearview mirror.

Another highlight is the 60-inch AR HUD head-up display. The large-size HUD head-up display is very easy to use. We just experienced the latte DHT-PHEV some time ago. It also has it. It can display comprehensive information such as navigation, speed limit, vehicle speed, intelligent assisted driving status, etc., without looking down at the dashboard . The cube's HUD display size is larger, reaching 60 inches, it displays more information than the latte DHT-PHEV, and it can even play video. There are 3 cool short videos built in the car machine, you can watch 3D short videos from the HUD. The staff said that in the future, with the update of the content of the central control screen or OTA upgrade, the video or more videos watched by AR can be projected on the screen.

In addition to the smart cockpit, BAIC Rubik's Cube is also equipped with the B-PILOT high-level intelligent driving system. In terms of hardware, there are 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 5 millimeter-wave radars.

In general, the intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving of BAIC Rubik's Cube are also excellent. Smart and fun, it is no longer unique to the new car-building forces.

I briefly test ride the Beiqi Rubik's Cube for more than ten minutes, and have a deep impression on its power and chassis.

It is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 188 horsepower and a maximum torque of 305N m, which is close to the 1.5T on the Honda Accord, with a zero-to-hundred acceleration of 7.84s. The front McPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension are equipped, but the tuning is quite tight, the shock absorption is tough, and the seat padding is also tight. It provides tough lateral support and good roll control during intense cornering. The chassis style is aimed at young people, and the vehicle positioning is also highly aimed at young people.

Finally, let's talk about the appearance. The first time I saw BAIC Rubik's Cube, I thought it was an electric car with a sense of technology, and other staff members had the same opinion. This is because it adopts a closed front face commonly used in electric vehicles (in fact, it hides a small-sized air intake grille below).

The Beiqi Rubik's Cube looks compact. I thought it was much smaller than the Haval H6, and about the same size as the Boyue. No, its length, width and height are 4620*1886*1680mm, the wheelbase is 2735mm, and the length, width and wheelbase are very close to the H6. It looks compact because of its low height. The height of 1680mm is lower than that of common SUVs, and it is a crossover style, which is also matched with its sporty tuning.

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